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Who is Jamie Wind Whitmarsh?

I'm Jamie - the guy in the photo (in case you were distracted by the super-cute cat).

Video game music was my first musical love. I spent dozens of hours each week from middle school through high school writing music using Noteworthy Composer. Throughout my career I have taught at multiple universities, performed professionally, engineered albums, managed a non-profit, conducted, and so much more - all of which has honed the skills I bring to game audio. 

I LOVE writing in a wide variety of styles, and I striv
e with each soundtrack to bring something special and memorable to your game.

2020-06-23 07.48.35.jpg

Mario (left), Black Swamp Tambourine (middle), 
Jamie Wind Whitmarsh (right)

My project.png

I have access to phenomenal live musicians (clarinet, flute, oboe, horn, trumpet, piano, violin, cello, etc.) in addition to my extensive personal instrument collection (guitar, bass, drum set, steel pan, marimba, vibraphone, tuned pipes, all orchestral percussion, various percussion toys, too many ocarinas, and more) and the recording skills/equipment to incorporate them seamlessly with virtual instruments, synthesizers, and sample work.
Unrelated, but aren't these background gradient strips pretty fun?

Although I am a fun person (except when hangry), I am serious about my work. I care about producing high-quality audio that elevates games, and am skilled at working quickly when needed. I rent an office in Oklahoma City, where I do all of my composition, sound design, production, implementation, and virtual meetings. At home, I have an upstairs suite dedicated to recording. Please reach out and we can start a conversation - even if you'd just like to say "Hey!"

I've included a bit of information in list-form below, so you can easily see what I've been up to. Many items are clickable, taking you to an example of what my career has been.

Much love,
Jamie Wind Whitmarsh

2020-04-04 17.46.40.jpg

Bowser (left) and Mario (right)
Note which one is aware where to look and which one isn't...


Studied composition with Edward Knight, Lendell Black, Kris Maloy, Ladislav Kubik,
Mark Wingate, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, and arranging with Roland Barrett


BM Music Composition/Percussion Performance '11 - Oklahoma City University
MM Music Theory and Music Composition '14 - Florida State University
DMA Percussion Performance '21 - University of Oklahoma

Audio Production Experience

Music for all original video game and film scores
2020 - Kate Bass "Quarantine" - mixing and mastering
2021 - Ryan Beach "Insights" - recording, editing, mixing
2014 - Garnet House Productions "Florida State University Percussion Ensemble: Volume 3: - recording

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