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Elowen's Light Audio Dev Log, 9-21-22

Jamie the Game Audio Wizard here! Today I got to play in sound design land for awhile! Also I got my eyes examined for the first time since 2007 - no change (but none of that's really relevant to game dev).

After creating the main 10-minute music loop and the SFX for Sweet and Power Sauce's "Elowen's Light" for the Cultivation Jam hosted by Team Dogpit in June 2022, I took a bit of time off to catch up on other projects. Today, I jumped back in, SFX first!

First up was to modulate the pitch of the jumps so we can have multiple versions for different levels of jump. I considered doing it in my DAW and importing, but using FMOD's Pitch modulation makes it much quicker to test different pitch ranges.

Then, I worked on "finding" the sound of the glide - which was tough! I'm not convinced that we're there yet, but we are closer which is really what it's all about. In general, I'm trying to incorporate more nature-based sounds (leaves, wind, water), to enhance the restoration and cultivation theme of the game. I'd like to share it today, but you'll just have to wishlist the game on Steam ;) And really, if you're that interested in hearing this version of the glide, you can always contact me!

Lastly, I worked on a new land sound for when you get tired of gliding. One of the reasons I use Adobe Audition is the comfort I have with adjusting clips and the quality of the stock plugins. DAWs have a ton of overlap in features and flow, so for me I use different tools depending on what I need to do and how quickly I need to do it. I also used FMOD on these sounds to randomize which clips play and pitch modulate - hopefully providing enough variation in the millions of times you'll hear these sounds while platforming!

At the moment, I'm listening to Ace of Base - The Sign (which is a phenomenal album), current track: Waiting for Magic.

That's all for today! Thanks for reading!

Here's my boy Bowser with the most effective hunt he's ever had:

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