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Through the Cracks - GameSoundCon

Hi yall! Been a bit - this fall was pretty crazytown. Here's a new game audio dev log to round out the year!

I enjoyed my time at GameSoundCon a ton! First time in LA, let me tell you that late-night train is quite the adventure.

I'm also super happy to have joined the moderation team at the Beats to Play Games to Discord server. I've made a ton of friends there since joining this summer, and it's great to be able to work with the other mods and community organizers to keep tweaking the utility of the server.

Here's what I've been up to, game audio wise:

I've (mostly) finished a new track for "Through the Cracks", a tiny-tiny person heartwarming RPG with the Serious Whimsy team. This track took a LOT of fine-tuning. Let's dive in!

First, I created three prototype musical sketches, just to get a feel for where we were on the same page and where we were not.

I sent the following video to the team:

Idea 1 - the goal was something more sentimental, yet hopeful.

Idea 2 - more whimsical and playful

Idea 3 - okay, I admit it: I had recently bought some Lo-fi stylistic plugins and wanted to try them out....and this SNESverb that I got....

The team gave great feedback on things they felt worked and did not work on each. That feedback led me to this:

Idea 4 - was going for something sneakier, still heartfelt but less frantic

Feedback I got on Idea 3 specifically was more acoustic sounds, and no real electronic sounds. This was super helpful, as it really steered me in a more specific chamber music-y direction.

So, I wrote the track, produced the track, and tweaked the track over and over and over. It's still not "perfect" but it's a lot closer to where I want it! Special thanks to Dr. Lisa Kachouee for recording clarinet for this!

Here is the (as-of-yet untitled) track:

That's all for today!

Jamie Wind Whitmarsh

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